Announcing mini sessions!

Are you short on time but big on blank wall space? Mini sessions are built for you!

These 10 minute sessions are designed to get you in and out and still produce photos that you'll adore for years!

How Does it work?

What's different about minis?

Mini sessions are held at a pre-defined location such as a park or barn. Several time slots are available to be reserved for 10 minute sessions. During those 10 minutes, I will guide you through a variety of poses and groupings (if there is more than one subject!) to maximize the number of images taken.
After your session, you will receive a password-protected link to your personal online gallery. There, you can choose 3 print resolution images to download as part of your mini session fee.


Who are minis for?

Everyone! Families, kids, pups and ponies are all welcome. But please limit the subjects to 5 (5 people, or 2 horses + 3 kids, 3 people + 2 dogs, etc!) to make the most of your mini session!

Can I share my photos on social media?

Please do! I love seeing everyone's images bring joy (and likes!) to social media feeds everywhere. Of course I also love when you tag me so I can join in the fun! @brittgillisdesign :)

What if I want more images?

Extra images can be purchased for $50 as an additional digital download, or the entire gallery can be purchased for an additional for $150.

Can I order prints?

Yes! Your gallery is linked to one of the nation's best print companies. You can order prints, canvases, holiday cards and more all from the comfort of your home!

How do I host mini sessions?

Do you own a barn, or think you and your friends would love to have a day of photographing you and your horses? Reach out! I would love to chat to see if Minis are the right fit for you.