Why do a photo shoot?
As we all know, life is an unpredictable thing, and life with horses even more so. Doing a photo shoot preserves a happy moment in time that you will have and be able to share forever. Photography is also a great way to mark occasions, be that engagements, senior year, or even a new furry (or not) addition to the family.
When do the shoots happen?
The best time for portraits is in the ‘golden hour’- the last couple hours before sunset. I am available most evenings after 5pm and weekends.
What should I wear?
For working with animals, avoiding white can help avoid grass stains, or the evidence of sweet slobbery kisses. I also recommend not wearing tight prints, such as plaids. Instead, find something colorful that will compliment the season or a color that shows off your best feature (be that your eyes, your hair, or the color of your horse!). The most important thing is to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.
What is my experience?
I graduated from NCSU’s College of Design with a concentration in photography, and have since continued using photography for business (executive portraits, etc). But my real passion is horses- I have 25 years of horse experience and know how to recognize equine expressions. I love capturing the special connections we share with our animals by way of photography!